The MagNetE-Report / Update 2011

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Oral presentation

The  MagNetE-Report / Update 2011

Magnetic Repeat Station Measurements in Europe

G. Duma

Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics

Hohe Warte 38, A 1190 Vienna, Austria


In the  MagNetE-Report / Update 2011 all survey activities of European countries since 2009 are documented in addition to the previous MagNetE-Report (2009). Also included in the Report 2011 are the scientific papers submitted for presentation at the 5th MagnetE workshop in Rome 2011. The new MagNetE-Report is available on CD again.

Many countries have sent their <country.doc> forms, indicating the stations which have been measured in the recent years. The new tables are added to the Report. On the basis of this update it is possible to calculate the number of repeat station data acquired in Europe in each of the recent years. The results are shown and it is discussed, whether the amount of new data is sufficient to update the European Declination Chart 2006 to the date e.g. 2010. Altogether, the MagNetE network in Europe comprises some 400 repeat stations.

Also newly provided questionnaires <MagNetE Repeat Station Survey Description Form> from countries are inclosed in the 2011 Update.

Thus, the MagNetE-Report / Update 2011 provides a good basis to evaluate the efficiency of the coordinated surveys in Europe in the past years and to make plans for the coming ones.

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