The Magnetic Declination Chart 2006 of Europe – produced by MagNetE

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Oral presentation

The Magnetic Declination Chart 2006 of Europe – produced by MagNetE

G. Duma, B. Leichter

Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics

Hohe Warte 38, A 1190 Vienna, Austria

During the 4th Workshop of MagNetE in Helsinki in 2009, it was decided to produce a European Declination Chart 2006 based on the numerous repeat station measurements in more than 20 countries in Europe. The data set comprised declination values of 369 repeat stations (gathered between 2005 and 2007) and 41 observatories.

A very first draft of the map was plotted at the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG), Vienna. The chart concept was then introduced to the Committee for the Geological Map of the World, CGMW, by Mioara Mandea in February 2010, and it was asked for financial support for the map production and distribution. The request was kindly approved.

Taking into account various suggestions from members of the MagNetE Group, a new map version was compiled in November 2010, using the software GEOSOFT (Oasis montaj). By decision of the MagNetE Coordination Committee, the draft map and an accompanying flyer, which may serve for documentation purposes, had undergone a review process. Two reviewers have sent their comments, which were very helpful.

A major question is, to whom the charts will be distributed. The layout and the degree of scientific details shown in the map depend strongly on the user’s interests.

A concept of map production, distribution and the corresponding map version is introduced to the workshop participants, as a basis for discussion and for the final map layout.

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