Repeat station survey in Ukraine in 2010 year

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Oral presentation


Maksymchuk V1., Tregybenko V3., Orliuk M2., Horodyskyy Yu1., Marchenko D1.

1Carpathian Branch of the Subbotine Institute of Geophysics NAS of Ukraine, Lviv

2Subbotine Institute of Geophysics NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv

3Ukrainian State Geological Prospecting Institute, Kyiv (UkrDGRI)

Repeat station survey in Ukraine in 2010 year

Existing geomagnetic surveys (ground and aeromagnetic) covering the 601 thousand sq. km of the Ukrainian area. Magnetic observatories with non-stop measurements of the components of the geomagnetic field are considered as a basic element of the repeat stations network. Subbotine Institute of geophysics NASU is maintaining such magnetic observatories as “Kyiv” (KIV), “Lviv” (LVV) and “Odessa” (ODE). At present two stations “Kyiv” and “Lviv” are supported by the modern equipment's and also included to the INTERMAGNET network. At the beginning of 70th the repeat stations network was installed in Ukraine. But with time this old network was destroyed due to the some internal problems and for this reason during the 2004-2007 years practically new RS network was created under the aegis of the Carpathian Branch of Subbotine institute of geophysics, Subbotine institute of geophysics and UkrDGRI. Existing RS network consist of 52 first order points with the distance between the points - approximately 100-150 km. Density of the RS network is one point per 10 000 with the even distribution at the Ukrainian area. RS network will be enlarged up to 56 points at year 2011.

During the 2004-2007 the complex of geomagnetic measurements was realized on 52 points of RS network with the future reduction of B, D and I components of geomagnetic field to the epoch 2005. LEMI - 203 magnetometer was used for the measurements of D and I components and MB - 01 proton magnetometer - for the B component. Accuracy estimation for the D and I components do not excessed the level of 1' and 30”, for the BH, BZ and B - 2-3 nT. For the first time, on the basis of this field work the thematic maps of the B, BZ, BX, BY, D and I components are realized for the all Ukrainian area. Repeat measurements of the B, D and I components was done at the 45 points through 2009-2010. The rest points will be measured at 2011 with the reduction to the epoch 2010. Only after this information about the secular variations of the geomagnetic field for the Ukrainian area will be known (for the period 2005-2010).

Instead of first order RS network at the 2009-2010, 73 points of second order were installed in the Ukraine with the distance between the points - 50-70 km. Only the induction module B was measured on this points. At year 2011 we are planning to enlarge this second order network up to 150 points.

Given results will be used for the improvement of the global magnetic field model and its secular variations and also for the magnetic cartography and navigation requirements.

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