A new aspect of the geomagnetic field variations in Poland

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Oral presentation

A new aspect of the geomagnetic field variations in Poland


Elzbieta Welker

Institute of Geodesy and Cartography

     In the light of technological changes, when working out the field measurement results there appears a need of the distribution of the impact of local variations of the geomagnetic field. This mainly applies to areas distant from the magnetic observatory where these changes may proceed differently, and are dependent on the distance and direction between points, time of day, solar activity and other local reasons. So far in Poland, due to no other possibilities, considering  the impact of variations on the development of magnetic measurements has been made on the basis of magnetograms from  Central Geophysical Observatory of Polish Academy of Science in Belsk.
     An attempt to describe the distribution of the components of the magnetic field variations and developing the procedures which  take into account their impact on the results of the magnetic field measurements.
     The first step was to collect all the archival documentation stored in Institute of Geodesy and Cartography. The materials served to record  the changes in the magnetic field components D, H and Z at several magnetic field stations ( Ascania variographs). These stations were located throughout the country in the years 1963-1965. Unfortunately, the graphic records of the variations components and their quality made it impossible to obtain satisfactory results from the point of view of current technologies.

    Then works on contemporary recordings of the geomagnetic field components  at observatories in Poland and selected observatories from neighbouring countries were begun.The data to base on referred to 2009-2010 years. On their basis the first comparison of the X and Y component variations, their amplitudes and time location between chosen observatories was made. As part of this study terrain works have been undertaken to register the changes in the Earth's magnetic field at selected 15 field stations. The results of the registration from the 9 stations are compared with the results of the geomagnetic field changes in Polish and foreign magnetic observatories.
     Mathematical study of daily and monthly variations in field stations and the reference observatory will allow to determine the size of the error made when reducing magnetic measurements aimed directly at the observatory excluding the field registration.

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