Experiences of Joint Croatian-Hungarian Geomagnetic Repeat Station Survey

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Experiences of Joint Croatian-Hungarian Geomagnetic Repeat Station Survey


A. Csontos1, D. Sugar2, M. Brkić2, P. Kovács1


1Eötvös Loránd Geophysical Institute, H-1145 Budapest, Columbusu. 17-23, Hungary

2University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, Institute for geomatics, Kačićeva 26, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia



Hungarian-Croatian governmental bilateral project was accepted in 2009. The title of the project is: Joint Croatian-Hungarian Geomagnetic Repeat Station Survey and Joint Geomagetic Field Model.

The project is envisaged as a joint effort to collect geomagnetic field data from both countries with final goal to produce seamless models of geomagnetic field. The project complies with MagNetE recommendations for two years (even years) period of common European geomagnetic repeat stations surveys.

The planned reoccupations of stations have been already finished. Geomagnetic field database consists of common measurements of geomagnetic declination, inclination and total intensity obtained for some of the stations of the existing Croatian and Hungarian Geomagnetic Repeat Stations Network. In addition, improved survey results are expected since a portable variometer was used on the selected repeat stations.

The poster presents the joint repeat station network, the instrumentations and the applied methods for the analysis of the geomagnetic recordings and the geodetic measurements. Some of the stations were close to the Adriatic Sea(conductivity anomaly) so newexperiences were gained for the sea effect during field surveyscarried out with the application of on-site variometer. We also present some example for the identification of the anomalous effects.

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